Friday, September 27, 2013

The Short Hot Summer

Parisian summers are always too short, but I'll talk about that another day.

Today, as we transition to fall, I can say that there are two reasons why I won't forget this particular Parisian summer, any time soon: On a meteorological level, the temperatures rose to highs not reached in 200 years! So, instead of dashing between raindrops or huddling by the radiator (yes, this has been known to happen at this time of year), there's been time for more seasonal occupations... Sipping a cool rosé on the banks of the canal that runs through my neighborhood, for instance!

The other reason for the unforgettable nature of this summer is more personal: After years of juggling a journalism job and dreams of becoming a published author, my writing career is taking shape. The publication of my first novel is on the horizon… Watch this space as the project develops…

In the meantime, let's turn to the business at hand: this blog. Here I am, sitting at my favorite café. Let me set the stage. It's nothing fancy -- just a cozy place with a charmingly cluttered décor and a few sidewalk tables for warm weather.

On gray days, I settle onto a rickety wooden chair in the back. Sandwiched between black-pencil drawings and the espresso machine, I can keep my eye on the regulars chatting at the bar, or forget about their existence as they forget about mine. And on warm sunny days like today, the choice is always that table at the edge of the sidewalk, just tucked under the red awning.    

When it's an off hour, I write. When it's the lunch rush, I easily find inspiration. (The additional plus: I bring my three-year-old daughter here and no one seems offended when she stands up on a chair and starts singing.)

What to expect from the blog? A virtual trip to Paris, a taste of the writer's life and a few surprises along the way.  

A bientot…



  1. Lovely pictures, Adria! Excited for you about your upcoming novel:)
    - Rowena

    1. Thank you, Rowena! It's wonderful to have the support of my book-loving friends! :)