Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Snapshots from New York, Part II: PinkClouds, Vintage Paradise

PinkClouds for Grey Days… Who can resist such a lovely and comforting name? Through the glass storefront, a tasteful medley of colors, and a hint of silver that attracts my eye. I step inside. This isn't a chaotic, dusty vintage clothing shop. It's bright, airy, elegant -- a perfect reflection of its name. There are a few simple racks, each featuring beautiful items. But the sparkle of silver has my undivided attention. A vintage Betsey Johnson dress, designed for the Paraphernalia brand/boutique. I put up a brave front, admire the dress and leave. And then return 24 hours later, admit I have no will power, and snatch it up. 

In honor of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit that just opened at the Brooklyn Museum, I try on a Gaultier cropped denim jacket as I wait for my carefully wrapped package. And I cheer when I learn that PinkClouds has a website and sells its amazing finds online… So even when I'm back in Paris, I can return to that beautiful shop in Soho.

(Coming next week: Part III of my New York musings)


  1. Pink Clouds for Grey Days is a great name. We need some VERY pink clouds today.

  2. I agree... makes you want to smile and that's what we need on these grey days in France!