Monday, November 25, 2013

Snapshots from New York, Part IV: Confronting the Fire Engine

(Final post in my series about New York)

I've always been scared of fire engines. The sound of the sirens cuts through me. If I happen to be driving, and I hear a siren even in the distance, I'm always the first one to move out of the way!

Knowing all of this, you might logically assume that taking a trip to a fire station wouldn't exactly be my cup of tea. I would say no when a friend suggests taking my daughter to visit a neighborhood station in the suburbs, right? But something about seeing the fire engines up close (sirens off) intrigues me. So off we go!

My three-year-old daughter is the same height as the wheels! That's the first thing that pops into my mind as I walk between two massive fire engines. Thankfully, all is calm and there isn't a siren to be heard. 

The volunteer fireman is friendly, great with kids and talks to us about fire safety. (I have loads of respect for firemen and firewomen.) He hands my daughter a bag of goodies and lets us sit in the driver's seat. Strangely enough, an odd fascination overcomes fear. I push myself to climb high into that seat. And I say to myself: Very cool view from up here.

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