Monday, February 17, 2014

“Paris, Rue des Martyrs”… What Readers are Saying…

As my book launch continues, one of the most crucial stages is here: The reviews are starting to roll in! Today, please follow me to Love At First Book and Creatrice Mondial to see what readers are saying about “Paris, Rue des Martyrs.” And click here to see reviews on Amazon.

Speaking of reviews, as a new author, what does it feel like to wait for the first ones? Exciting and scary all at once.

Exciting as you cross fingers and toes for the best scenario: The reader loves your story and connects with your characters. That is the most rewarding part of writing!

Scary as you imagine the worst scenario (and as a writer, you have a pretty good imagination): The reader hates your story and feels indifference toward your characters. Ouch! That fear of really missing the mark!

Obviously, any writer wants more positive than negative. Beyond the common reasons such as personal pride and potential book sales, there is another reason that I think is even more important. 

I’ll explain with a short anecdote. Recently, someone asked me what I do for a living and I said: “I work for myself. I’m a writer.” And he said: “No, you work for everyone else.” He was right. 

And, for me, that is exactly why I consider it rewarding to have more positive than negative reviews. I am indeed writing for readers – so I hope they will feel that reading my book was time well spent!

We shall see…


  1. I'm right there with you! Looks like we have the same number of reviews on Amazon for our book. It's nerve-wracking in the beginning and also really slow-going. Like, I can't do a bunch of the other marketing stuff I'd like to until I get more reviews, but I can't get more reviews until more people read my book, but people won't read my book until I can do more marketing to get the word out. GAH! Anyway, congrats on the great reviews you've gotten so far. We'll both get there soon enough!

    1. Thank you, Vicki! And indeed, I agree that with a lot of hard work and patience we will absolutely get there. The marketing is such a major job to be done and difficult to balance with the writing. We writers are now wearing many, many hats!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)