Monday, June 15, 2015

A Delicious Dîner en Blanc

Photo: Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris

The most magical night in Paris...

I spent years dreaming of the Dîner en Blanc. One evening, an ethereal image as Parisians decked in white sweep through the streets to a secret-until-the-last-minute destination… and then set up their little tables, white linens, silver wear, flowers, candles, champagne, layer cakes and all of a sudden they are twirling napkins and toasting under an almost-summer sky.  

This year my Dîner en Blanc dream came true (thank you, generous friends, for inviting me to your table—you know who you are). I join the flock of white at the beautiful Palais Royal. I feel as if I’ve stepped back in time, or stepped into one of my favorite books—The Great Gatsby. There is something very Gatsby-ish and elegant about the white, the hats, the gloves and the twinkling of candlelight as the sky turns dark. 

Photo: Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris

To me, the evening has a very literary feel, a scene from a novel unfolding around me as I try to photograph everything, and then afterward, write about it, with the hope of capturing it forever. I join the excitement on the dance floor and laugh with my table-mates. Then I step back to watch it all. For a moment, I share the magical setting with my novel Paris, Rue des Martyrs, opening the book under the stars. Music and laughter soon draw me back to the crowd.

Photo: Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris

The evening is about sharing, meeting new people, seeing old friends. Everyone passes homemade salads, main courses and cheeses around the table. Time for dessert… Bertie’s CupCakery treats us to a fabulous layer cake, a perfect culinary finale.   

Photo: Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris

More dancing, more socializing, more wishing the night would never end. And then, in an instant, the clock strikes. We don’t turn into pumpkins, but the evening is drawing to a close. High heels are exchanged for sneakers, tables are folded, trash is gathered into bags, candle flames are blown into the wind. A gentle rain begins, as if to wash away any trace of our time together in this historical place.

And in an instant, white figures seep into the streets, dispersing into the night, and disappear. 

Photo: Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris


My friend Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris perfectly captured the evening in these lovely photos I’m sharing with you. If you’re planning a trip to Paris and want unforgettable photos of yourself in the City of Light, check out Lindsey’s website. 

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