Saturday, September 26, 2015

Celebrating National Daughters Day

Early artwork (a book) by my little one...

Yesterday was National Daughters Day. (It seems we have a day for everything nowadays.) But somehow, instead of laughing it off as another silly “holiday,” my heart swelled with emotion: pride, gratitude, happiness. All of the emotions that having a daughter of any age should bring to a parent.

My mother always made me feel special, her eyes lighting up as soon as I entered the room. And automatically, with my daughter, P., I am the same. Suddenly it is no longer “all about me,” and instead, is “all about her.” As it should be. Although my aspirations for my daughter are high, this is my secret. I will never pressure her to be who I want her to be. I want her to be at her best. Simply that. 

Another milestone this past week as P. turned five. Sure, she is young even though she sees herself as almost an adult, old enough to supervise babies and toddlers. I laugh when she plays adult this way, yet I look at her in amazement as I realize that babyhood is far behind us. How quickly will time pass? They all were right when they said, “It flies by! Don’t miss a moment!”

I appreciate each instant, each day and enjoy every stage of life with P. Maybe she is lucky to have a mom who loves her so much, but I am by far luckier. To have a daughter. To have her. 


  1. Enjoy every moment. It's incredible how the moments race by. My eldest 'child' is nearly 40 now, but It feels as if he was the age of your daughter oh....only last week or so. And each stage is as special as the last.

  2. Thank you, Margaret! Yes, I remember my mom and grandma saying the same... how time seemed to fly by. And each age does have its charm!