Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Canal without Water...

See that bike caked in mud? It's yet another treasure that a guy in my neighborhood added to his collection of eclectic things... He'll repair and restore just about anything, and if you're looking for even the most unusual tool, he probably has one (or more) in his workshop. 

So where did he get this disgusting bike? From the bottom of the Canal Saint-Martin. He didn't go diving. Thankfully, he's not that desperate for treasures. No, this is just one item among a strange collection of shopping caddies, scooters, traffic signs, shoes (and even a gun, I heard) that workers found as they drained the canal. It's a once-a-decade project, this draining and cleaning, and is quite a spectacle for residents and visitors, who linger near the railings installed along the banks.

The canal cleaning is supposed to last about three months, with this popular spot all ready for tourists and locals just in time for spring. In the meantime, here are some photos of what it looks like now...

Hmm, what's that blue thing in the mud?

When water turns to mud.

I see a scooter! What else can we find in this picture...

Another bike! 

As I look at the findings in the depths of the mud I'm really glad that I've never dunked my toes in the canal on the hottest of summer days. Things often aren't as they seem. 

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