Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Where Did I Get the Idea for The Creepshow (and my other books)?

The Creepshow launch week continues and today I invite you to follow me over to Hello Chick Lit for a guest post post about how I get my story ideas... and a chance to win a copy of The Creepshow

I’ve written about four strangers in Paris, magical parties and déjà vu, a woman facing workplace discrimination, and two perfumers on a quest for an elusive formula. Not all in one book! No, these are stories you’ll find in my four novels: Paris, Rue des Martyrs, Close to Destiny, The Creepshow and A Perfumer’s Secret.

And within each main story come other details, characters and anecdotes. People, even those who are the closest to me, often ask me “Where do you find your ideas?” or say “You’ve got quite an imagination there…” READ MORE

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