Friday, September 23, 2016

A Little One is Turning Six...

This little one is turning six today... Ahhh!! It seems like yesterday that I was secretly wolfing down McDonald's fries that my husband smuggled into the hospital for me as I waited to go into the delivery room. (I was starving, but they only would give me an apple and yogurt--not satisfying!)

And here we are, six years later, with this little girl who loves Frozen, ballet, books and chocolate, and always has words to astonish me. Most recently: "Mommy, I want to study ballet... and flamingo! Because they're pink, and I love pink."

She is my biggest fan ("Mommy, you wrote the best book in the whole world") and my biggest critic ("Mommy, why are you always wearing sweatpants?"). And in both instances, she makes me smile. 

And she gives me the perfect excuse to re-read my favorite childhood books, like Curious George and the Beatrix Potter collection, play with Barbie dolls (OK, I'm not as joyful about this after five minutes and three outfit changes) and imagine that anything is possible. Because, through her, everything is possible.

Thank you, sweet little P., and wishing you, wishing us, more fun ahead. 

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