Friday, June 8, 2018

A #MeToo Book Set in Paris...

Sometimes fiction is very close to what happens around us every day. That's the case with Paris Jungle, a novel of sexism in the finance world. (It was initially published as The Creepshow, but we gave it a new title and cover, as the action is set right near the Eiffel Tower.)

So voila! New cover, new title, but same story of a woman who decides to fight the discrimination that destroyed her life inside the office and beyond. 

Paris Jungle is a book that is special to me, because it exposes the reality that women face in the workplace -- whether it's on a movie set, in an investment bank, in a newsroom or just about anywhere else. What I loved the most about writing this novel was showing that women can be powerful and can fight back.  

The protagonist, Wanda, struggles and loses confidence as we all do, then remembers her strength and decides she won't be a victim. She also has a smart, strong best friend -- we all need a good friend when times are tough! 

As more and more women share their real life stories of harassment, the #MeToo movement has gained momentum. That should continue until harassment truly becomes a thing of the past. 

In the meantime, I hope Wanda's story in Paris Jungle will inspire women to stand together and fight back!  

Check out Paris Jungle on Amazon. (And discover the trailer here.)

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