Friday, March 28, 2014

Signs of a Paris Spring...

Ah, we have the windows open! It’s one of the first signs of spring in Paris. In spite of the pollution (yes, the alert is back again), strangely enough, it still feels as if we are getting fresh air as the breeze stirs up the papers on my desk. After months of windows shut against the cold and rain, even polluted outdoor air feels pretty good!

Some of the other signs of spring? The bakery down the street has its windows loaded with Easter chocolates. I see ballerina flats or sandals (instead of boots) paired with coats (the last vestige of winter). Everyone takes the time for a drink at a sidewalk café. (I had lunch with a friend at a restaurant that kept it’s door open… not sure if that counts as outdoor dining.)

These are all of the things I noticed today as a cool morning turned to a warm afternoon and I peeled off a couple of layers as the day progressed. I took a stroll around the Canal Saint-Martin and thought I would share a few photos… Enjoy!

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