Monday, May 16, 2016

Book Launch: A Perfumer's Secret...

Escape to the South of France and the world of perfume in this novel of a lost perfume formula, family secrets and love... I'm delighted to announce the release of my novel A Perfumer's Secret.

As part of the launch, I've got a lot of exciting things going on today. And I hope you'll follow along! Here's the agenda...

Tall Poppy Writers blog (Behind-the-Scenes: Novel Research in the South of France) 
USA Today -- Happy Ever After (Interview with yours truly) 
Shelf Pleasure (What Does Happy Smell Like? When the Sense of Smell Guides the Author…)  

About the book:

Perfumer Zoe Flore travels to Grasse, perfume capital of the world, to collect a formula: her inheritance from the family she never knew existed. The scent matches the one worn by her mother, who passed away when Zoe was a teenager. Zoe, competing to create a new fragrance for a prestigious designer, believes this scent could win the contract—and lead her to the reason her mother fled Grasse for New York City.

Before Zoe can discover the truth, the formula is stolen. And she's not the only one looking for it. So is Loulou, her rebellious teenage cousin; Philippe, her alluring competitor for the fragrance contract; and a third person who never wanted the formula to slip into the public in the first place.

The pursuit transforms into a journey of self-discovery as each struggles to understand the complexities of love, the force of pride and the meaning of family.

Find A Perfumer's Secret on Amazon!

Happy reading!

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