Monday, December 5, 2016

Give a Little, Get a Little!

One of my favorite gifts to give and to get is a book. No surprises there, right?

Well, this year, you can give AND get. If you buy a paperback of any of my books on Amazon as a gift, you can get the ebook version for yourself for free!

Still need a little help sorting out which book for which name on your list? Here are some suggestions!

For your Paris-loving friend:
Paris, Rue des Martyrs
"... a riveting, what-happens-next read" - Lisa Barr, author of award-winning novel Fugitive Colors

For the perfume lover in your life:
A Perfumer's Secret
"... lush French scenery, long-held family secrets, irresistible romance, and magnificent scents" - Juliette Sobanet, best-selling author of Meet Me in Paris

For the believer in magical encounters:
Close to Destiny
"A remarkable and fantastical journey!" - Amy Impellizzeri, author of award-winning novel Lemongrass Hope

For the feminists and working moms in your life:
The Creepshow
"... a heartfelt story that tackles the contemporary complexities of life, work, and love" - Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Good Neighbor

There's still time to get your books delivered before Christmas! And you won't even have to fight the crowds. Now that is a great deal! Happy shopping!

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