Thursday, January 5, 2017

Starting the Year with Words

I started the New Year off in one of my favorite ways: writing. A short story that might inspire me to create something longer. I fell in love with the characters over the first few pages and wanted to spend more time with them... 

But when? That's the big question. As an indie author whose name isn't a household name, the practical side of me knows I have to focus on marketing the books I actually have published. That inconvenient idea of "making a living" (never easy as an author) rears its ugly head.

I can't ignore the practical me. So I will talk about the four books I've already written, even though I'm more eager to get to the next project. (Is it the writer's curse to always be yearning to write that next book?) 

Still, the writer in me won't be kept down for too long. The call of words is too strong. The voices of my characters too tempting. Maybe 2017 will be the year of finding the perfect balance between writing as a business and writing as a passion...

Hope your year is filled with happiness, and of course, books!

 Paris, Rue des Martyrs

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