Thursday, April 20, 2017

THAT'S PARIS is on Sale for $0.99!

Do you feel like strolling the streets of Paris this spring? Well, if you can't make the trip (or even if you can), you'll love That's Paris, a collection of short stories set in the City of Light. And it's on sale through April 22nd on Amazon.

I wrote three short stories for the collection, joining other Paris-loving authors who shared their views of the city through their stories. Some are hilarious, others will make you cry and still others will make you think.

In one story, I wrote about a young Chinese woman's quest to find love and herself in the City of Light. In another, a girl fights the "Love Locks" that are destroying the city's bridges--and makes an interesting encounter. My third story is about a ballet student at the Paris Opera's famous school. I loved exploring Paris through the eyes of these vastly different characters.

Find That's Paris on Amazon!

Happy reading!

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