Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Nine Years Already...

I'm not about to say anything original in this next sentence, just echoing the words of parents probably since the dawn of time, but I still have to say it: How is it possible that nine years have passed since my tiny baby was born? Where has the time gone? (And strangely, why does time seem to stand still when I'm waiting at the post office, the DMV or at the airport? But that's a subject for another post.)

Getting back to today's subject, which is actually about yesterday: Yes, on Sept. 23, my daughter turned nine. We celebrated with chocolate cake and sparklers, and a week earlier when the weather was still warm, had an outdoor party with her friends (I ran the show, and yes, I am still alive, though still recovering.) So, time flies when you're having fun, and I guess that's why these past nine years have gone by quickly. Plenty of laughs and silliness which definitely outweigh the more tiring moments of parenting.

I always say I wish I could keep a copy of my kids at each age, and at that, my husband looks at me like I've lost my mind. True, it would get pretty crowded in our apartment... but I do miss the early days, and at the same time enjoy the now and look forward to the future. Sigh.

Well, right now my own future is getting back to writing. I've finished editing a project and plan on submitting it to a mentoring program called Pitch Wars, am trying out the Wattpad platform, and am gearing up to write something new. It's all about diversification. Or at least that's what I tell myself!

A bientot...

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