Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Some Writing News!

I finally have some fresh writing news for you... Lots of it! First, I've finished a new project and have been (unsuccessfully -- sigh) shopping it around to agents. We'll see what it happens with that, but it definitely isn't stopping me from moving ahead with more writing.

So the other news is I've signed up to Wattpad. If you're not too familiar with it, here's a quick description. It's an online platform where readers can read writers' works for free. And as writers, it offers us the opportunity to connect directly with readers, write short stories for fun contests etc. Not bad, huh?

I wrote The Orange Dress for a Halloween contest, as well as another short story that you can find on my Wattpad page here. It's free to join and free to read most stories on the website. I like seeing the mix of writers there, from newbies developing their craft to greats like Margaret Atwood.

As for my new, so-far rejected project, I'm in the process of considering its future. It just might end up on Wattpad...

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