Monday, December 5, 2016

Give a Little, Get a Little!

One of my favorite gifts to give and to get is a book. No surprises there, right?

Well, this year, you can give AND get. If you buy a paperback of any of my books on Amazon as a gift, you can get the ebook version for yourself for free!

Still need a little help sorting out which book for which name on your list? Here are some suggestions!

For your Paris-loving friend:
Paris, Rue des Martyrs
"... a riveting, what-happens-next read" - Lisa Barr, author of award-winning novel Fugitive Colors

For the perfume lover in your life:
A Perfumer's Secret
"... lush French scenery, long-held family secrets, irresistible romance, and magnificent scents" - Juliette Sobanet, best-selling author of Meet Me in Paris

For the believer in magical encounters:
Close to Destiny
"A remarkable and fantastical journey!" - Amy Impellizzeri, author of award-winning novel Lemongrass Hope

For the feminists and working moms in your life:
The Creepshow
"... a heartfelt story that tackles the contemporary complexities of life, work, and love" - Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Good Neighbor

There's still time to get your books delivered before Christmas! And you won't even have to fight the crowds. Now that is a great deal! Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Win a Paperback of PARIS, RUE DES MARTYRS!

I'm excited to say that my novel Paris, Rue des Martyrs now has more than 100 reviews on Amazon! Thanks to those of you who've read the book and posted a review. 

To celebrate, I'm holding a giveaway over on Goodreads. You can win a paperback copy of this novel, which I hope will transport you to Paris and into the lives of four interesting (well, hopefully you'll think so!) characters...

Some encounters make a difference... Four strangers in Paris. Each one is on a quest: to uncover a family secret, to grasp a new chance at love, to repair mistakes of the past. Four stories entwine, four quests become one, as their paths cross amid the beauty, squalor, animation and desolation of a street in Paris, the rue des Martyrs.

Rafael's search for his birth mother leads him to love and grim family secrets. Cecile's view of herself as an unsatisfied housewife is radically changed by the promise of a passionate liaison. Andre, an aging actor, troubled by the arrival of the son he abandoned years ago, must make a choice, to either lose his son forever or put aside pride and seek redemption. Mira travels to Paris to begin a new life and forget about love... or so she intends.

Four strangers, four stories, one riveting novel.

Enter to win a copy!

Friday, September 30, 2016

#1 in Time Travel Romance! Thank you, Readers!

Yes, that's little ol' me and my novel Close to Destiny hanging out near Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. Close to Destiny made it to #1 in Time Travel Romance in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia this week. And it was #1 in Magical Realism also. Very exciting! 

And thanks to you, readers, for giving my novel a chance. All of us who are in artistic fields -- writing, dance, theater etc. -- depend on someone one day willing to try something new and offer us an opportunity. Thank you for being a part of mine.

If you haven't picked up, Close to Destiny, it's not too late to get it for a great price. The book is on sale for $0.99 through Oct. 3. The elevator pitch: To find her soul mate in the present, a young woman reaches back to a love story more than a century ago in England.

I hope you'll take this magical voyage back in time with me...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mother-Daughter Reading...

This is the latest evening routine... Our mother-daughter reading time. Notice we both chose great books: The Language of Sisters by Cathy Lamb for me and the Berenstain Bears for my little one. I've been spending a lot of time emphasizing the importance of reading with my daughter, P, and finding fun games to learn new words.

I spoke with a middle school teacher today who said more and more French children are arriving in sixth grade and can't read and write properly. They are pushed through the system, attaining the bare minimum, and by the time they get to middle school they're lost. And by then it's too late, this teacher told me.

The thought is frightening and makes me even more motivated and determined to monitor P.'s progress and support her if she reaches any roadblocks. Reading and writing are the basis for everything so if they aren't acquired... Well, trouble ahead!

I'm hoping that my enthusiasm about reading will rub off on my daughter and last throughout her childhood and her lifetime. After all, that enthusiasm is a gift from my mother and her mother. My mom taught me to read when I was four, and my grandma and I used to swap books when I was a teenager. I still remember how we'd recommend books to each other and then share our thoughts-- sometimes we agreed, sometimes we didn't. But we always had fun.

And that's the whole point. Reading should be fun. So here's to another generation of bookworms!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CLOSE TO DESTINY is on Sale for $0.99!

So are we ready for fall? OK, not really. I wish summer could last a big longer. But there's one good thing about the colder days ahead: They put me in the mood to curl up with a book. I hope you feel the same, and if you do... Well, I have a book for you!

My novel Close to Destiny is on sale for $0.99 this week! If you haven't read it, it's the perfect time to pick it up. And if you have read it and enjoyed it, I'd be delighted if you'd recommend it to a friend.

A new take on time travel romance… To find her soul mate in the present, a young woman reaches back to a love story more than a century ago in England. 

Kat has been too busy fighting the demons of her past to focus on love. But when she meets an intriguing new man, Will, in London her world is turned upside down. She feels she's seen him before, but knows she hasn't. Or has she? 

An enigmatic woman named Destiny, saying she has a secret to share, whisks Kat and Will off to midnight parties where champagne flows freely and nothing is what it seems. And then there are those dreams that unfold in an elegant 19th century English castle… 

Torn between fear of the unknown and fascination at what might happen between her and Will, Kat must decide: Should she run away, or should she seize this opportunity to change her life and find true love? 

Find Close to Destiny on Amazon!

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Little One is Turning Six...

This little one is turning six today... Ahhh!! It seems like yesterday that I was secretly wolfing down McDonald's fries that my husband smuggled into the hospital for me as I waited to go into the delivery room. (I was starving, but they only would give me an apple and yogurt--not satisfying!)

And here we are, six years later, with this little girl who loves Frozen, ballet, books and chocolate, and always has words to astonish me. Most recently: "Mommy, I want to study ballet... and flamingo! Because they're pink, and I love pink."

She is my biggest fan ("Mommy, you wrote the best book in the whole world") and my biggest critic ("Mommy, why are you always wearing sweatpants?"). And in both instances, she makes me smile. 

And she gives me the perfect excuse to re-read my favorite childhood books, like Curious George and the Beatrix Potter collection, play with Barbie dolls (OK, I'm not as joyful about this after five minutes and three outfit changes) and imagine that anything is possible. Because, through her, everything is possible.

Thank you, sweet little P., and wishing you, wishing us, more fun ahead. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

So What Happened to the Cats?

As you might recall, I donated some July royalties from sales of my novel A Perfumer's Secret to one of my favorite charities, St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, Fl. 

I happily sent in my check (triple digits, yay!) late last month and also got great news about the adorable kitties pictured in the photo above. They're all doing well and have gotten homes! 

But there are still many other wonderful cats and dogs at St. Francis looking for families, so if you are in the Tampa Bay area and looking for a dear companion, check them out. They also accept donations, of course, from those of us who are too far to foster or adopt.

To those of you who helped by buying a copy of A Perfumer's Secret, thank you, and I hope you're enjoying the novel. (Please consider posting a review to Amazon!)

Have a great weekend!